Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LOL Diversity Points

So basically Roto Grinders has decided to "reward" the beermakersfan and PrimeTime420s of the world for taking the time to game select across dead sites and take status away from take on all comers nosebleed players such as myself, g123, and hixvillehunk.

And here I thought the idea was to make money as efficiently and quickly as possible. 


  1. Rotogrinders encourages "diversity" so people will sign up for other sites through them. Its purpose is more to generate revenue for them instead of truly ranking players.

    Anyway, who cares? The only ranking that really matters is your bankroll.

  2. The fact that you care makes you seem a little... douchy

  3. If you were good at something The Jay you'd want to be recognized for it too. I'm in this for the fame not the money.