Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Job, Dink


I don't have much to say about his team. We had five of the same guys, and I used two of his other players (Stafford and Cobb) on my other teams, which all crushed in typical bf444 fashion. I did think RG3 was a bad value last week, but he almost outscored two of the QBs I selected by himself, so maybe I just forgot to carry a one somewhere.

$5 buy-in this week, ID: Favre, Password: Dickpix, but fear not, thanks to my strong showing in NFL last week I am going to be able to pay off my bookie and still ball out on DF, so the month in the life of Favre blogumentary will launch on schedule.


  1. Thanks Favre. RG3 was the one guy i was trying to get off and didnt no where to put the money when upgrading from Stewart (or Titus who i originally had)... so i just left him in. Obviously with hindsight should've gone Brady. Glad I got your crappy team for the challenge

  2. Nice job dink, thanks for posting the scoreboard Favre, it gives us little fish a glimps into the mind of the legend we call BrettFavre444! It would be awesome to see a few of your scoreboards where you crushed it going up against some big gamers like condia, beermakersfan, and some of those other high rollers. Looking forward to the blogumentary!