Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Favre Dives Into Football, Gets Crushed

Over the first 3 weeks of football I have entered hundreds of leagues and probably only cashed in a dozen of them. Considering my track record in DFS the most likely explanation is variance, but there is a non zero chance that we've finally found a sport that Brett isn't the best at. I could cut my losses and stop now, but that's not behavior becoming of a gunslinger. Time to double down, folks.

P.S. Security cameras at The Wynn corroborated the story aka the truth that I told hotel security & the Las Vegas police department and all charges against me have been dropped. Go fuck yourselves LVPD.


  1. Does that mean you can now share the full story with us?

  2. Way to start Josh Hamilton after he got injured the night before and he was all but ruled out for the next day.

    Way to start Derek Norris? in a day game after a night game when he caught the day before and he is the backup catcher to start with.

    You've had several baseball scores in the teens lately and you clearly aren't doing any research.

    Keep it up! I would love to see your net bankroll for the last three weeks, it has to be completely pitiful.

  3. Plenty of my 420s still out there for you to match. Get the free money while you can.