Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Favre Goes To Vegas, Gets Arrested

I can't go into details right now because of the impending legal battle, but this is why I haven't been active in DFS for the last week or so. I was hoping to be in Nevada through Week 1 of NFL but decided to skip town due to the nature of the charges. I'm posting this using In Flight WIFI and have my laptop plugged in underneath my seat in 1st class so should at least be able to set my NFL lineups for leagues beginning tonight.



  1. BrettFavre444: American Patriot. Daily Fantasy Legend. Adonis. Philanthropist.

    He failed to mention: Pathological liar, Fool with more money than brains & 1000% Jerkoff!

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  2. Your touting everywhere you go is much more annoying than anything he does tuttledork.

  3. No one gives a shit about your 14 point teaser bets. Trying to sell that as a profitable betting strategy makes you a scam.

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