Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Draft Street Chat Fun Fact

I have been called a cocks*cker 122 times in the 3 months that I have been scraping DS chat in order to check and see what people are saying about me. It ain't easy being brettfavre444.


  1. I found a site that will get you a minimum 1,500 Twiiter followers (in your genre/mine, sports betting) for a mere $79.99. If interested in knowing the name of the company, just email my primary @ jjtuttle131@yahoo.com.

    Good Luck, with all of your golf action. I'm only playing in the $55.00/30-man.

    p.s. The psychotropics remark was just a joke, and I was only going for a cheap laugh. Truly.


  2. You are a cock sucker and draftstreet sucks big hairy nutsack. You are also an employee of GAYSTREET. I believe you and antfer are life partners who are hoping texas legalizes gay marriage.